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I’ve been on a comic kick again recently.  I think it started when I picked up Kevin Smiths run of Batman (Cacophony and Widening Gyre). They are great! Kevin brings back one of my favorite villains, Onomatopoeia. He created him for his run of Green Arrow.  He is very creepy and no has even seen his face. In my opinion he is as creepy as The Joker and Two Face.  I just finished The Long Halloween which is a great Batman story by Jeph Loeb. It is a great detective story. With a Silence of the Lambs type feel to it. It was truly enjoyable and when I started the book I wasn’t able to put it down.

Since I plan on picking up Season 8 vol. 7(possibly vol. 8 if it’s out)  of Buffy when I’m in the cities, I reread vol. 1-6. I really enjoy it the only problem I have it the background art is crap.  But vol. 6 is great, it brings back Oz and you even see The Slayers break a big rule in The Slayer hand book. But now that I write this it was broken in one episode early on in the series. But if your a fan of Buffy pick it up.

In honor of the Thor, Captain America, Green Lantern, and X-men movies coming out I plan on posting my top 10 favorite comic book movies. So I’ve been re-watching my favorites so I hopefully have an easier time ranking them. I’ve watched every Batman movie with the exception of Batman and Robin (for obvious reasons).

I watched them in order of release dates. So I started with the ’66 version. It was as fun as I remembered as a kid.  But what really surprised me was how much I loved the ’89 version. I’ve always loved this version but with The Dark Knight I just forgot how dark and great it is. Nicholsons Joker was extremely creepy and killed a lot more people than I remembered.  Also I really like how it wasn’t an origin story. It seems like that is all they are putting out now. They are filming the re-boot of Spider-Man this year and even though it’ll only be 5 years since Spider-Man 3 they are doing another origin story. It’s aggravating because there are so many great stories out there for them to pull from so it doesn’t even have to be something completely original.

Speaking of Spider-Man did it bother anyone else that they took an amazing actor, who has great control of his facial muscles, had him play the Green Goblin and then put a mask on him that made him look like a Power Ranger villain? Willem Dafoe is great , he even shows how great he is when he is talking to himself in the mirror and makes the goblin face!! That part is what bothered me the most. Anyways I digress.

I re-watched The Dark Knight as well. Now even though I own the DVD I haven’t watched it since I saw it in theaters. I saw it 3 or 4 times with in a 2 month period. By the last time I saw it I can honestly say I was sick of it.  It’s a long movie and seeing any film that many times in that short of period will make you bored/sick of it. But re-watching it tonight made me remember why so many people(including myself the first time) loved it. It is great. Although on one hand I do wish they used Two Face more but then you run in to the same issues with other comic book movies where you have to many villains. I was also disappointed in the fact that they didn’t mention the Arkham breakout in Batman Begins. If Nolan doesn’t bring it up in his last Batfilm its a huge missed opportunity.

So thats about it for this week. Remember I am seeing Gabriel Iglesias on Sunday. So I’ll put up a review about that. And hopefully I’ll have my top 10 comic book movies on here with in the next couple weeks.  I’m trying to write shorter posts so I’ll probably break it in to two parts.


A Few quick things

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I wanted to post this while it was fresh. Here IGN ranked The Doctors. It’s very interesting and fun! Plus I completely agree with who is number one.

Also I wanted to link to The Wayne Foundations new site. Remember how I talked about this in the Podcast post. It’s episode 2 of Sminterview and it a must hear for everyone!

Don’t forget that S.I.R starts in 15 days!!!!

Sweet Sites

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May is always a busy month for me its holds my grandmothers, cousins, aunts and my own birthday. I usually try to make it down to the cities to see my cousin and his girlfriend in either April (for her birthday) or May (his).

But this May is starting off with a BANG! On the first I’m going to see Gabriel Iglesias. I’m super excited for this. His stand up is super funny. And if you haven’t seen his stand up you should check it out. His first special “Hot and Fluffy” is on netflix instant queue.  And you can of course check him out on Youtube.

After that on May 6th I’m going to my moms graduation in Bemidji. But I’m also seeing THOR!!!!!!! This is the first of the summer movies I am uber excited to see. Now I haven’t read a lot of Thor books, so I’m not sure who everyone is but I know the basics of Thor, Loki (Thors evil brother), Odin (Thors father), Sif,  and The Warriors Three ( Fandral, Hogun and Volstagg). Hopefully Bemidji will have it on their 3D screen so I can take Avary to see it in 3D.

On May 20-23 I’ll be in the cities! I’m going down to see my cousin and his girlfriend of course, and to swing by The Source which is a great comic book store (it’ll be nice to flip through all the books instead of order on the phone) but I’m also going down to see AVENUE Q! I am so excited for this. I bought the album on itunes when I saw that one of the song on it was entitled “If You Were Gay” which I instantly download and made my ringtone for all of the drivers.  The songs are really fun and funny. Definitely check this out if you can.

Anyways that’s what I’m up to next month.

Everyone has their favorite websites so I thought I’d share a couple of my favorite sites here.

My number one favorite site is by far Every Sunday Frank post a handful of secrets on his site.  These are secrets that people send in on postcards, some homemade.  They range from funny, to sad, hopeful to depressing. It’s interesting to see what people keep away from the ones they love. And it really hits home when one of the secrets on the site is the same or close to one you have. A Iphone app is in the near future.

I’m putting these together because they are basically the same. Text from Last Night, Crazy Things Parents Text, F You Auto correct, Passive Aggressive Notes, and  Awkward Family Photos.  The title of each is exactly what is on the site. It’s a fun way to pass an hour or so. The first 3  sites are have an Iphone app but all are updated pretty much daily.

I love this site for my computer wall paper and its nice for my OCD as well. Things Organized Neatly. Again it’s exactly like the site title says. It’s pictures of things organized neatly.

This is great and goes back to a previous post. On Hollywood Babble On Kevin Smith likes to talk about Liam Neesons Cock. Apparently it’s big. Anyways because of this somebody started a great site called Liam Neesons Cock. It’s basically the same concept as Chuck Norris jokes, except about Liam Neesons Cock.

I’m a huge fan of urban legends, and this site is great for them. is wonderful. Every urban legend you can think of you can find in their easy to use site. They even have stories that you swear you knew the truth about.

Check out this great art! Terry at Bent Objects makes great art with food. I bet your mom wouldn’t be yelling at you to stop playing with your food if you could do this!

If you use Netflix Instant this is a great site with an amazing Iphone app. Instant Watcher has all of the movies that are available for instant streaming. It lists the newest titles, most popular, and titles expiring soon.

Well I hope that you guys enjoy some of these sites I check them all daily (some even multiple times a day).

If I find a penny in there… I’m taking you down.

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I don’t know what the title of this has to do with this post but I’m watching Scrubs.

So Kevin Smith tweeted on Friday that the Smodcastle will be closing in May. All of his shows will be going to the upper floor of The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club.  It bums me out because I really wanted to take a trip to California to see it.  The put a lot of time and money into the Castle. But that’s OK cause I can still see them at The Lovitz.

It did get me thinking about things that have disappeared over time. And things my niece and nephew will never experience.  For example Avary is in to the Star Wars The Clone Wars cartoon. I tried to get him to watch the original three and he just wasn’t into it. It made me a little sad. And yes he is only 4 but he can tell the difference between a Dick Grayson Robin costume and a Tim Drake Robin costume. Which is why I also thought that he would like Batman The Movie with Adam West. Again I was wrong.

What do you think the chances are that kids today will have heard a record playing, popped in an 8 track tap, or heard the buzz of a dial up connection. Which brings to the other day, a kid at work was complaining about how the 3g on his phone is slow. I couldn’t believe this. My town just recently got 3g. Which is much faster than what ever it was before.  I mean sure if you are hooked up to Wifi it’s faster than 3g but it’s still faster than dial up. Which he said that when he was young he had but doesn’t really remember it. I remember typing in a web address and walking away from the computer to wait for it to load.  And it would take you forever to get tied up in a “web tornado” (you know when you go from page to page by links and with in a few minutes you are 15 pages away from the page you started at) so much so you probably wont do it.

Anyway back to phones, they can do everything now. I do everything except make phone calls on my phone. I honestly use less than 100 minutes every month.  Most of my minutes I use at work when I need to call a driver because it’s faster to scroll to their name then it is to look it up on our phone number sheet.

I also can not think of a movie or show I have watched in 3 years (that hasn’t been in a movie theater) where I haven’t went on my phone for something. Whether its for checking my facebook, email, twitter, to see where I remember that actor or actress from. It’s weird to think of how much stuff I can do on my Iphone compared to my first cellphone.  And the worst part of the smart phones is the little bastards who use them in a dark theater! I hate them you might as well be talking and waving around a flash light. Whats the best part you ask? … Angry Birds.

Also I do enjoy all the texts, emails and facebook messages but it is set up so that you can leave comments here on the page. 🙂

Podcast Touch up

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Ok like I sad in the Doctor Who touch up when I write a large blog I feel like I don’t do a good job on the last one or two topics. So Let me start by saying something really important, most of the podcasts on this list are recorded live. Plus one and I think SMinterview are the only ones that are not recorded live. Nerdist and SModcast are not always live but every now and then SModcast will go on a tour and the guys from Nerdist do a live show.  Tell ’em Steve Dave and Puck Nuts are recorded in Jay and Silent Bobs Secret Stash in Red Bank New Jersey. So you can swing by the store and watch them record.

A few things I forgot about Pop Sickles is a fan question that has been haunting them.  Is Nala a Disney princess? Since the question has been brought up there has only been one episode were no one wrote in with an answer. Hahaha.  Also as I said they do record live on Fridays, more people need to see this podcast! I really enjoy it and want it to go on. So if anyone is in the area please go see this show.  Derick and Brendo are really great and I hope this really takes off.

Tell ’em Steve Dave to have a week while enjoying your burrito!

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UPDATE 6/20/11

The SModcast links are broken instead of fixing each one click here to go to the Smodcast main page and then go to the smodcasts pull down.


Podcast are still kind of a new and odd concept to many people.  It’s basically a radio show you can download and listen to at your convenience.  They can range from 10 minutes to a few hours. Authors have done an audio book type thing with them where every week is a new chapter. There are two great things about podcast

1.) there are a ton of them out there. So you can always find one that you will like.

2.) Most importantly 99% of them are FREE!!!!!!

Because they are free many podcast have commercials at the beginning of the show, I’ve heard a few that have them in the middle or end but most are in the beginning. Although you can easily skip or fast forward them people still complain. I don’t mind them though because, It’s free and it doesn’t take you out of the show any, since they are in the beginning. Also they aren’t like TV commercials. They are written and done by who ever is on the podcast so they are usually pretty damn funny.

I’m going to be talking about my favorite podcasts and hopefully you will be enjoy these as well. Now since I am a HUGE Kevin Smith we will start out with his but all of these podcast that I’m going to bring up are extremely enjoyable.

The only order these will be in are the order I started listening to them.


This is Kevin Smith and Scott Mosiers podcast. Scott came up with the name he took the first letter of each of their last names and replaced the “P” with them. (This has since taken over the Askewniverse) The first episode was posted on 2/5/07. And except for when Kevin is filming every Sunday a new episode is released. Smodcast has so many great episodes.  It’s hard to pick a few to talk about. Any of the ones in which Kevin and Scott talk about Harry Potter, Sharks, Spiders or anything Kevin is afraid of is extremely funny. Topics range from stories of their past, news articles or what if scenarios.  Also episode 123 is great, it’s Scotts tale of drug use. Scott is the best straight man there is. His random one liners and bits that he adds really help the show but every now and than Scott can’t make it. So before everyone had their own podcasts on the SModcast Network they would guest host on SModcast.  I believe it’s Malcolm Ingrams first episode in which he says if he is wrong in naming the Prime Minister of Canada (his home country) he will cut off his pinkie finger, he was wrong but still has all ten digits.  Other guest have been Bryan Johnson, Walt Flanagan, Ken Plume(the great baby eternity episode), Jen Schwalbach, Jason Mewes and Harley Quinn Smith. If for some reason you aren’t a fan of SModcast but like one of the other shows on the SModcast Network I highly suggest downloading the episodes with those guest hosts. Kevin and Scott have taken the show on the road even. I saw one of their Live Nude Smods and it was great.  Also they have gotten together with Stark Toons who has animated bits of episodes. If you wanna to see what a Smodcast episode it like with out downloading one check out the Smodimations here.

Tell ’em Steve Dave

TESD comes out every Friday. The host are Bryan Johnson, Walt Flanagan, and Quinn (Brian Quinn), and every now and then Bryan and Walt will get fresh meat when Ming Chen shows up. The show is record at Jay and Silent Bobs Secret Stash which Walt runs. He is so great at his job that he even started using the podcast to make sales for the stash(Booty Time).  With deals so great Ive even called in a few times to order. I was even able to talk to him on the phone and let him know how wonderful I think the podcast is. He is extremely nice and was eager to hear my thoughts on the show.   The first couple episodes are hard to listen to because they were just starting out and weren’t sure how to do everything exactly. A few notable episodes are Lt. Dan vs El Jeffe, The courtship of Jeff (which is like a part 2 to Smodcast episode 50 Gnome Alone) and of course the amazing Making Hay part 1&2. Not only are these guys funny. They have huge hearts doing charity events and buying Ipads for Bryan Johnsons autistic nieces classmates for in the classroom.  My favorite parts of the show are when Walt can really sink his teeth into Ming or Bry. With the back and forth you can tell that they are and have been friends for awhile and it makes it very inviting. Walt also comes up with great games for listeners or guest to play. But be careful to listen to the rules closely because if you screw up his game the mocking  starts just ask Ming or Q.

Highlands a Peepholes History

This is probably my favorite random SModcast pod. This is also the only one with rules. The rule is you have to have lived or grown up in the highlands area to be on it. So it has Kevin Smith, Walt Flanagan, Bryan Johnson, Grace (Kevins Mom), Jason Mewes, Donald (Kevins Brother), and Virgina (Kevins Sister). I love it because it’s just great stories of them growing up. Kevin Smith has always taken his fans in to his life and made sure that he was approachable. This is just another piece of his life he is sharing. I always get excited when Kevin head to Jersey cause that means I can look forward to new episodes of this great show.


Blowhard is Malcolm Ingrams show. It’s safe to say that Blowhard started out as Mo and Glow a show that Malcolm did with his mother. I have listened to every episode but it wasn’t my favorite Glow would take over the show when ever she didn’t want to talk about a certain subject. And although that was funny the topics she talked about were whats going on in the Ingram family and trips she has taken. Blowhard on the other hand is pretty damn good. Malcolm is gay and it’s about his life so it’s full of those kind of stories. I tend to fall behind on this one more than any of them but thats just because it’s not really in my wheel house. The show it’s self is funny and he has some great guest. Kevin Smith is his main co-host but Marja Lewis Ryan has kind of taken over that role. She is a great yin to Malcolm yan.  Malcolms other guest host have been Jason Mewes, gay porn star Brent Corrigan, and Zak Knutson(he played the sexy stud in clerks 2). Malcolm set up an e-mail account for the show in which troubled kids,teens, or adults have a safe place to ask him and his guest host a question. And although they always start with “we are not doctors or in away have any certification to help you.” They always give their best advice and try to help. Blowhard is new every Tuesday

Jay and Silent Bob Get Old

Every Wednesday this show stars Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes. It started out as way to help Mewes stay clean. If he talks about it and so many people are out there to support him it will hopefully work. The first few episodes Kevin had to kind of take the lead but after awhile Mewes got a hang of it and off it went. This show is about Mewes and what led him to drugs and the stories of what he was doing while on drugs. Some heart breaking, most funny but all true. No topic has been brought up where he’s said “No I don’t wanna talk about that.” This show has became so popular that they had to move it out of The Smodcastle and in to The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club for room. While Kevin was touring with Red State Mewes had two guest host Andy Milonakis and Danny Trejo. Both which were funny and enjoyable.  Kevin and Mewes also played a game called Let Us Fuck which you can see at the animation site i linked to for the Smodimations. On May 9th when S.I.R starts up Jason and Kevin will do a hourly show everyday entitled Jay and Silent Bob Get Jobs.

Hollywood Babble-On

Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman(KROQ and Family Guy fame) star in this Hollywood Tabloid Magazine type show. Each Monday Kevin and Ralph talk about whats went on in Hollywood the week before. Every week they go over bits from the listeners, Hollywood helpers (where someone famous went out of their way to help), whats new in theaters, and who passed away the week before. This is another show that became to big for the 50 seat Smodcastle and moved to The Lovitz Comedy Club.  The show is so popular it has a drinking game and even spawned the song Anne Haches Butthole . Ralph and Kevin are great on the show, but the real treat of this show is Ralph impersonations. It’s great when they are good but to hear Kevin mock Ralph for a bad impersonation is hilarious.  Again while Kevin was on the Red State Tour Ralph had to find a couple guest hosts. The first being Mr. Lovitz himself and then the second being Ralphs old roommate Adam Carolla.

Puck Nuts

Every Thursday Ming Chen, Walt Flanagan, Bryan Johnson, Sunday Jeff and sometimes Quinn deal with the New Jersey Devils and The NHL.  Now even though this is about hockey it has surprising little hockey talk, which Ming tries to change.  But Kevin summed it up best when he said that Puck Nuts sound like what goes on after the Tell ’em Steve Dave mics are turned off. Just four friends bullshitting and having a good time. You can also look forward to more games and booty times from Walt. The episode about Mings love of shoes is great. The Bonus Pod is also amazing.

Plus One

This is the show that Kevin does with his wife Jen Schwalbach. This is a pretty good show but there are one or two episodes were when you get done with it you realize all they did was banter back and forth.  But it’s still pretty new so I’m sure that will get ironed out. I really like hearing Jens point of view and getting an extra inside scoop on Kevin. They hinted that this will be the show were things that Kevin hasn’t talked about will come out on since Jen knows him best. Their back and forth kind of reminds me of my parents when they are both full of piss and vinegar.  So it is a fun banter but at times it gets a little much. This week they introduced a new segment called Harpies Heroines (title might be changed) in it Jen picks a Female that has done amazing things. They also do Schience in which Jen talks about science articles she has read. When S.I.R. starts up on May 9th there is going to be a spin off of this as well called Smorning with Kev and Jen.

Red State

Each episode of Red State is an interview with someone who worked on the movie whether it was a cast member or someone on the crew. It’s pretty interesting and gives you a great view of what goes on with the making of a movie. It’s also pretty much spoiler FREE!!!!

Sminterview, SmovieMakers, and Smarriage

I’m clumping these together because they are all interview shows, and each one only has 2 episodes. In Sminterview it’s basically Kevin interviewing people. The first episode is him interviewing Mitch Albom, author of Tuesdays with Morrie and The 5 people you meet in heaven.  It’s a great interview with a lot of cool information, and a great cause. Mitch travels to Haiti with The A Hole in the Roof Foundation. It’s inspiring to hear the stories of whats he has done there.  The second episode is with Jamie Walton the founder of The Wayne Foundation. Her story is amazing and it is a must to listen to it.

In SMovieMakers Kevin interviews Richard Kelly (Donny Darko, and Southland Tales) in episode 1 and Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgram). Both are very interesting to listen to talk about how they make movies.

In SMarriage it’s an hour long interview with the couple getting married and than Rev. Kevin Smith marries them. It’s a cute romantic show.

Now for 2 none Smodcast Network shows. The first one I got turned on to because Kevin Smith did their show and it was heelarious.  And the second one I found on twitter.


Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray and Matt Mira interview their friends and talk nerdy. As I said I originally came across this because they had Kevin Smith on and the episode was amazing. I instantly started downloading episodes on my Iphone.  Just some of the amazing list of guest that they have had on includes Rob Zombie, Weird Al, Ozzy, Matt Smith(The 11th Doctor!!!!), Maria Bamford, Fred Willard, Jon Hamm, Felicia Day, Will Wheaton, The Mythbusters, Stan “The Man” Lee, and THE MUPPETS! And that just part of the list.  They use to do one episode a week but are now up to 2 a week. One with a guest and one with just the 3 of them sitting around and talking (Hostfull episodes). And these guys seem so nice, the proof when I first downloaded all of the episodes I tweeted to Chris and told him I really enjoyed the Kevin Smith episode and because of that downloaded the rest. The next day he sent me a direct message thanking me. And it’s like they have never met someone they didn’t like. Even when Chris talks about comics he has had a bad experience with he  says “you know maybe they were just having a bad day or something”. Jonah and Matt are also extremely nice and out going even having a tweetup earlier this month. It’s just an all around great podcast.

Pop Sickles

Record on Fridays and put up Saturdays, Derick and Brendoman talk about pop culture. They have much love for the 90s and 80s.  While 90210 was on they had the 90210 minute where brendoman has to explain this weeks episode in a minute but since that is off air for a little while they replaced it with The Celebrity Apprentice minute. They also talk about their love of Ghostbusters and whether Fear St is as popular as Goosebumps. This show has again just started up I believe they are on their 12 episode this week. But so far so good. They even end the episode by read part of a Disney Adventures magazine.

Alright so there it is. My list of podcast that I listen to. I always leave 2 episodes of each on my Iphone just in-case I get bored.  If I had to chose a top 5 gun to my head in no particular order it would be Tell ’em Steve Dave, Nerdist, Hollywood Babble-On, Smodcast, and Jay and Silent Bob Get Old.  But they are all great shows to listen to.  Sorry my first 2 post have been so long. I will shorten up the next one. Please listen to these I linked all of the show titles to the shows web page and you can also download them on Itunes.

Quick touch up on Doctor Who.

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Quick little thing before I start on this weeks post. Last week I got tired and rushed the post towards the end. Doctor Whos companions are very important they are great (except for Donna Noble) and even save The Doctor every now and than but kick ass in most episodes. They are not just there to be saved by The Doctor.