If I find a penny in there… I’m taking you down.

I don’t know what the title of this has to do with this post but I’m watching Scrubs.

So Kevin Smith tweeted on Friday that the Smodcastle will be closing in May. All of his shows will be going to the upper floor of The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club.  It bums me out because I really wanted to take a trip to California to see it.  The put a lot of time and money into the Castle. But that’s OK cause I can still see them at The Lovitz.

It did get me thinking about things that have disappeared over time. And things my niece and nephew will never experience.  For example Avary is in to the Star Wars The Clone Wars cartoon. I tried to get him to watch the original three and he just wasn’t into it. It made me a little sad. And yes he is only 4 but he can tell the difference between a Dick Grayson Robin costume and a Tim Drake Robin costume. Which is why I also thought that he would like Batman The Movie with Adam West. Again I was wrong.

What do you think the chances are that kids today will have heard a record playing, popped in an 8 track tap, or heard the buzz of a dial up connection. Which brings to the other day, a kid at work was complaining about how the 3g on his phone is slow. I couldn’t believe this. My town just recently got 3g. Which is much faster than what ever it was before.  I mean sure if you are hooked up to Wifi it’s faster than 3g but it’s still faster than dial up. Which he said that when he was young he had but doesn’t really remember it. I remember typing in a web address and walking away from the computer to wait for it to load.  And it would take you forever to get tied up in a “web tornado” (you know when you go from page to page by links and with in a few minutes you are 15 pages away from the page you started at) so much so you probably wont do it.

Anyway back to phones, they can do everything now. I do everything except make phone calls on my phone. I honestly use less than 100 minutes every month.  Most of my minutes I use at work when I need to call a driver because it’s faster to scroll to their name then it is to look it up on our phone number sheet.

I also can not think of a movie or show I have watched in 3 years (that hasn’t been in a movie theater) where I haven’t went on my phone for something. Whether its for checking my facebook, email, twitter, to see where I remember that actor or actress from. It’s weird to think of how much stuff I can do on my Iphone compared to my first cellphone.  And the worst part of the smart phones is the little bastards who use them in a dark theater! I hate them you might as well be talking and waving around a flash light. Whats the best part you ask? … Angry Birds.

Also I do enjoy all the texts, emails and facebook messages but it is set up so that you can leave comments here on the page. 🙂


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