Sweet Sites

May is always a busy month for me its holds my grandmothers, cousins, aunts and my own birthday. I usually try to make it down to the cities to see my cousin and his girlfriend in either April (for her birthday) or May (his).

But this May is starting off with a BANG! On the first I’m going to see Gabriel Iglesias. I’m super excited for this. His stand up is super funny. And if you haven’t seen his stand up you should check it out. His first special “Hot and Fluffy” is on netflix instant queue.  And you can of course check him out on Youtube.

After that on May 6th I’m going to my moms graduation in Bemidji. But I’m also seeing THOR!!!!!!! This is the first of the summer movies I am uber excited to see. Now I haven’t read a lot of Thor books, so I’m not sure who everyone is but I know the basics of Thor, Loki (Thors evil brother), Odin (Thors father), Sif,  and The Warriors Three ( Fandral, Hogun and Volstagg). Hopefully Bemidji will have it on their 3D screen so I can take Avary to see it in 3D.

On May 20-23 I’ll be in the cities! I’m going down to see my cousin and his girlfriend of course, and to swing by The Source which is a great comic book store (it’ll be nice to flip through all the books instead of order on the phone) but I’m also going down to see AVENUE Q! I am so excited for this. I bought the album on itunes when I saw that one of the song on it was entitled “If You Were Gay” which I instantly download and made my ringtone for all of the drivers.  The songs are really fun and funny. Definitely check this out if you can.

Anyways that’s what I’m up to next month.

Everyone has their favorite websites so I thought I’d share a couple of my favorite sites here.

My number one favorite site is by far postsecret.com. Every Sunday Frank post a handful of secrets on his site.  These are secrets that people send in on postcards, some homemade.  They range from funny, to sad, hopeful to depressing. It’s interesting to see what people keep away from the ones they love. And it really hits home when one of the secrets on the site is the same or close to one you have. A Iphone app is in the near future.

I’m putting these together because they are basically the same. Text from Last Night, Crazy Things Parents Text, F You Auto correct, Passive Aggressive Notes, and  Awkward Family Photos.  The title of each is exactly what is on the site. It’s a fun way to pass an hour or so. The first 3  sites are have an Iphone app but all are updated pretty much daily.

I love this site for my computer wall paper and its nice for my OCD as well. Things Organized Neatly. Again it’s exactly like the site title says. It’s pictures of things organized neatly.

This is great and goes back to a previous post. On Hollywood Babble On Kevin Smith likes to talk about Liam Neesons Cock. Apparently it’s big. Anyways because of this somebody started a great site called Liam Neesons Cock. It’s basically the same concept as Chuck Norris jokes, except about Liam Neesons Cock.

I’m a huge fan of urban legends, and this site is great for them. Snopes.com is wonderful. Every urban legend you can think of you can find in their easy to use site. They even have stories that you swear you knew the truth about.

Check out this great art! Terry at Bent Objects makes great art with food. I bet your mom wouldn’t be yelling at you to stop playing with your food if you could do this!

If you use Netflix Instant this is a great site with an amazing Iphone app. Instant Watcher has all of the movies that are available for instant streaming. It lists the newest titles, most popular, and titles expiring soon.

Well I hope that you guys enjoy some of these sites I check them all daily (some even multiple times a day).


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