I’ve been on a comic kick again recently.  I think it started when I picked up Kevin Smiths run of Batman (Cacophony and Widening Gyre). They are great! Kevin brings back one of my favorite villains, Onomatopoeia. He created him for his run of Green Arrow.  He is very creepy and no has even seen his face. In my opinion he is as creepy as The Joker and Two Face.  I just finished The Long Halloween which is a great Batman story by Jeph Loeb. It is a great detective story. With a Silence of the Lambs type feel to it. It was truly enjoyable and when I started the book I wasn’t able to put it down.

Since I plan on picking up Season 8 vol. 7(possibly vol. 8 if it’s out)  of Buffy when I’m in the cities, I reread vol. 1-6. I really enjoy it the only problem I have it the background art is crap.  But vol. 6 is great, it brings back Oz and you even see The Slayers break a big rule in The Slayer hand book. But now that I write this it was broken in one episode early on in the series. But if your a fan of Buffy pick it up.

In honor of the Thor, Captain America, Green Lantern, and X-men movies coming out I plan on posting my top 10 favorite comic book movies. So I’ve been re-watching my favorites so I hopefully have an easier time ranking them. I’ve watched every Batman movie with the exception of Batman and Robin (for obvious reasons).

I watched them in order of release dates. So I started with the ’66 version. It was as fun as I remembered as a kid.  But what really surprised me was how much I loved the ’89 version. I’ve always loved this version but with The Dark Knight I just forgot how dark and great it is. Nicholsons Joker was extremely creepy and killed a lot more people than I remembered.  Also I really like how it wasn’t an origin story. It seems like that is all they are putting out now. They are filming the re-boot of Spider-Man this year and even though it’ll only be 5 years since Spider-Man 3 they are doing another origin story. It’s aggravating because there are so many great stories out there for them to pull from so it doesn’t even have to be something completely original.

Speaking of Spider-Man did it bother anyone else that they took an amazing actor, who has great control of his facial muscles, had him play the Green Goblin and then put a mask on him that made him look like a Power Ranger villain? Willem Dafoe is great , he even shows how great he is when he is talking to himself in the mirror and makes the goblin face!! That part is what bothered me the most. Anyways I digress.

I re-watched The Dark Knight as well. Now even though I own the DVD I haven’t watched it since I saw it in theaters. I saw it 3 or 4 times with in a 2 month period. By the last time I saw it I can honestly say I was sick of it.  It’s a long movie and seeing any film that many times in that short of period will make you bored/sick of it. But re-watching it tonight made me remember why so many people(including myself the first time) loved it. It is great. Although on one hand I do wish they used Two Face more but then you run in to the same issues with other comic book movies where you have to many villains. I was also disappointed in the fact that they didn’t mention the Arkham breakout in Batman Begins. If Nolan doesn’t bring it up in his last Batfilm its a huge missed opportunity.

So thats about it for this week. Remember I am seeing Gabriel Iglesias on Sunday. So I’ll put up a review about that. And hopefully I’ll have my top 10 comic book movies on here with in the next couple weeks.  I’m trying to write shorter posts so I’ll probably break it in to two parts.


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