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Avenue Q at the Mixed Blood Theatre

Posted in Play with tags on May 24, 2011 by random nerdling

I was in the cities this past weekend to see my cousin and his girlfriend. I went down to play board games and see Avenue Q.

Now I didn’t say this before the show because I wanted to have something to write about, but I was a little nervous going to this play. Not because of the tornado, but because I’m a huge fan of the CD. I haven’t see the play but I’ve had the CD for awhile now, and while listening to it I’ve kind of built my own play in my head. It sounds silly but I didn’t want that to ruin the play for me, and it didn’t.

The show is set up like Sesame St. where humans and monsters live together. The monsters are still cute puppets but they tackle darker tones than Sesame St like one night stands, being broke, drugs, and alcohol.  The Characters are Princeton, Kate Monster,  Nicky, Rod, Brian, Christmas Eve, Trekkie Monster, Mrs. Thistlettwat, and Lucy The Slut.

The play was amazing. The acting was great. Really I have no complaints about the show, I really enjoyed the whole thing. I really related a lot to a few of the songs on the CD but the coming of age story that this show is really got me.  Songs like “Purpose” and “Life outside your apartment” really hit home for the obvious reasons. The guy who played Nicky was my favorite with Rod and the lead Princeton right behind him.  And I loved the theater it’s self. It’s so old and beautiful. If you can see a show at the Mixed Blood theater I highly suggest it. Including all concerts and stand ups this show is in my top 3 concerts I’ve been to.

This was the last showing at the Mixed Blood but it is still going on in New York and if you can get a ticket to it you will not regret it. It’s a fun and great show.


Wonder Bros

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Since I had so many questions about where I got my dads Zombie Portrait on facebook I thought I’d write about it here.

I like a lot of people first heard about wonder bros and their zombie portraits from Tell “em Steve Dave as soon as I heard about them I knew that I had to get one for my dad.

Wonder Bros consist of three very talented brothers Mike, Matt, and Eric. Mike is the one who helped me so he is the only one I’ve dealt with. You can see some of their art work here. They’ve done a lot of Zombie paintings, and even have a Store where you can buy their paintings and collectibles. I’m a big fan of a lot of their work. Since a lot of it is comic book, zombie, Smodcast, or Pop Culture influenced. The Picasso Superheroes are really creative.

Mike was extremely helpful with tips to help me pick a picture of my dad that would turn out good. He also responded quickly to any questions I had and was insanely nice and polite. After I sent him a few pictures to choose from he responded with the two pictures that he was gonna do a rough sketch of. He asked if those pictures were ok or if I really wanted a different one. I told him that those were great and I was excited to see the rough drafts which I got with in 48 hours. I picked my favorite and he went to work. (I wish I didn’t delete my e-mails with Mike right when I saw the picture so I could give better time line but I’m OCD about keeping my inbox clean) It was a week/ week and a half later that I got an E-mail of the picture above. He asked if I liked it and if I wanted him to add anything but I loved it as it was so I told him it was great. He put a few protective coats on it and sent it my way. He mailed it out to me on Monday and I got it this morning (Friday). I gave it to my dad and he loved it. It was the perfect gift for a 44 year old who is up until midnight playing left 4 dead 2, or anyone who loves zombies.

I’m pretty sure that they whole thing took only 3-4 weeks. I do know that it might take longer if they have a lot on their plates. I also picked up a Green Arrow painting that I just had to have.

I definitely plan on using their service again. I know my nephew would love a few comic book hero paintings and I want one of the Joker and one of Two Face. So I will definitely be getting a hold of Mike again and so should you! They are very talented, reasonably price, and are great to work with. Not to mention they are fans of Comics, Smodcast and Pop Culture whats not to love? So check them out all of the links on this post go to a part of their site or you can just go to

Smodcast Internet Radio(S.I.R)

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I love that all I have to do when I start up my computer is to go to to listen to Smodcast Podcast. If you are wondering where to start listening just log on to the site! No downloading, easy peasy. I love it because I don’t have to flip through all of the podcast and try to find a random one that i haven’t listen to in awhile. If your not by your computer download the stitcher app. You can stream it right to your phone 24/7.  It really is great and Monday through Friday they have 5 new hours of shows. 2 hours of Plus One Per Diem with Jen and Kev(10-12 central time), than 2 hours of Jay and Silent Bob Get Jobs with Kevin and Mewes (12-2 central time) and then the podcast of the day. Check this out it is great.

Gabrial Iglasias

Posted in Stand up on May 2, 2011 by random nerdling

The Gabrial Iglasias show tonight was great! His show was all new which is always a nice surprise.  I’ve never understood people who pay to see the same thing over and over again. On the hand Gabrial went out of of his way and stayed an extra HOUR taking requests to do his old and still amazing bits. You can tell that Gabrial really loves his fans and really appreciates what he gets to do. Before he came on there was about an hour of opening stand ups, all of which were funny. If you can still get tickets to his up coming shows for this tour (The Fluffy Shop Tour) DO IT NOW.  It is definitely worth the money. Recently because of The Nerdist Podcast I’ve really been getting in to stand up again. And its amazing at the amount of work that needs to go in to making a new special with out and putting out an entire show of new material. And to stick to it when you think your not doing as well as you’d like to. So I say way to go to Gabrial for doing his show of new stuff, which was great, and then still sticking around for an hour after the show was suppose to end to take request.

Very impressive, and extremely funny.