Gabrial Iglasias

The Gabrial Iglasias show tonight was great! His show was all new which is always a nice surprise.  I’ve never understood people who pay to see the same thing over and over again. On the hand Gabrial went out of of his way and stayed an extra HOUR taking requests to do his old and still amazing bits. You can tell that Gabrial really loves his fans and really appreciates what he gets to do. Before he came on there was about an hour of opening stand ups, all of which were funny. If you can still get tickets to his up coming shows for this tour (The Fluffy Shop Tour) DO IT NOW.  It is definitely worth the money. Recently because of The Nerdist Podcast I’ve really been getting in to stand up again. And its amazing at the amount of work that needs to go in to making a new special with out and putting out an entire show of new material. And to stick to it when you think your not doing as well as you’d like to. So I say way to go to Gabrial for doing his show of new stuff, which was great, and then still sticking around for an hour after the show was suppose to end to take request.

Very impressive, and extremely funny.


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