Smodcast Internet Radio(S.I.R)

I love that all I have to do when I start up my computer is to go to to listen to Smodcast Podcast. If you are wondering where to start listening just log on to the site! No downloading, easy peasy. I love it because I don’t have to flip through all of the podcast and try to find a random one that i haven’t listen to in awhile. If your not by your computer download the stitcher app. You can stream it right to your phone 24/7.  It really is great and Monday through Friday they have 5 new hours of shows. 2 hours of Plus One Per Diem with Jen and Kev(10-12 central time), than 2 hours of Jay and Silent Bob Get Jobs with Kevin and Mewes (12-2 central time) and then the podcast of the day. Check this out it is great.


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