Avenue Q at the Mixed Blood Theatre

I was in the cities this past weekend to see my cousin and his girlfriend. I went down to play board games and see Avenue Q.

Now I didn’t say this before the show because I wanted to have something to write about, but I was a little nervous going to this play. Not because of the tornado, but because I’m a huge fan of the CD. I haven’t see the play but I’ve had the CD for awhile now, and while listening to it I’ve kind of built my own play in my head. It sounds silly but I didn’t want that to ruin the play for me, and it didn’t.

The show is set up like Sesame St. where humans and monsters live together. The monsters are still cute puppets but they tackle darker tones than Sesame St like one night stands, being broke, drugs, and alcohol.  The Characters are Princeton, Kate Monster,  Nicky, Rod, Brian, Christmas Eve, Trekkie Monster, Mrs. Thistlettwat, and Lucy The Slut.

The play was amazing. The acting was great. Really I have no complaints about the show, I really enjoyed the whole thing. I really related a lot to a few of the songs on the CD but the coming of age story that this show is really got me.  Songs like “Purpose” and “Life outside your apartment” really hit home for the obvious reasons. The guy who played Nicky was my favorite with Rod and the lead Princeton right behind him.  And I loved the theater it’s self. It’s so old and beautiful. If you can see a show at the Mixed Blood theater I highly suggest it. Including all concerts and stand ups this show is in my top 3 concerts I’ve been to.

This was the last showing at the Mixed Blood but it is still going on in New York and if you can get a ticket to it you will not regret it. It’s a fun and great show.


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