Crazy 4 Cult

As everyone knows I’m a huge pop culture nerd, so this art is amazing to me. Gallery 1988 does a Crazy 4 Cult show, and has even done a few shows based on Kevin Smith, which sounds and looks amazing. You should check out their site here. There are paintings, sculptures and other art based on movies, tv shows, and video games, there really is so many great paintings and guess what! Mike from Wonder Bros has some stuff on the site too.

I’ve been talking to him about getting another painting one based off of Army of Darkness which I love and I can’t wait to get.

Another guy that i’ve came across and really like is Olly Moss who also has stuff at Gallery 1988. I really like the Robocop and Mad Men.

Crazy for cult also has a book out that you can get which I believe has all of the art from the crazy 4 cult shows. I’m probably going to be gettin it, I think it will fit in nicely with my Kevin Smith Sells out, Salvador Dali, and Post Secret coffee table books.



2 Responses to “Crazy 4 Cult”

  1. thanks for the note – sadly I don’t live in L.A. but may have to try to check out that gallery next time I’m down there. I added you to my blogroll in the meantime 🙂


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