What I’m listening to

Since I can’t listen to the podcast while we are open, I’ve been re-building my music library. Besides just re-buying cds that I lost, ruined or just got a new album from an old band (Flogging Mollys new album is really good) I’ve picked up a couple other bands.

First up is Nathen Maxwell and The Original Bunny Gang. I picked up White Rabbit from 2009. As many know Nathen Maxwell is Flogging Mollys bassist. While it wasn’t what I expected, I was expecting them to sound more like Flogging Molly, I really enjoy their reggae feel. The song Working For the Man is extremely catchy. Their songs have such a nice and easy going feel to them.

Another real easy going “band” is Jason Schwartzmans Coconut Records. It’s basically him teaming up with other musicians. It’s well written music and wonderfully done. I really like the theme song to Bored to Death and Minding My Own Business.

I can’t listen to many of their songs at work but I also really like Garfunkel and Oates. With so many songs to choose from I’d have say my favorite two are This Party Just Took a Turn for the Douche and One Night Stand. They have a lot of great songs, even tho they have made a couple music videos my favorites are still the couch videos. I really like just the two of them sitting on a couch singing. Some of you might recognize Kate as Gooch from Scrubs.

The next two bands I first heard at the end of Tell ’em Steve Dave.

Les Vinyl is a great garage band out of New York that is super catchy. At band camp you can get The Nafia Mail EP for free which has two of my favorite songs by them F for Effort and Sink. You can even listen to them before you download it. They have an album on Itunes titled Bright Gray which has Gemini.

And then last but not least is Courage My Love. Two sisters and a friend who just enjoy music. It’s amazing that they are only 17. This year they played warped tour and if you listen to Bridges you can see why. They recorded a great version of I Sell Comics (written by Walt Flanagan) and are going to record a video for Barricade.

If you like these bands be sure to help support them by buying the stuff either on bandcamp or Itunes.


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