Kevin Smith Update

Kevin is a busy guy he has 2 tv shows in the works and has hinted at bring the clerks cartoon back. The one show is a Pawn Stars type show held in his comic book store, and the other one is a daily talk show type show. From the sounds of it all of your favorite SIR stars will show up at one time or another. Everything is still a pilot so lets hope at least one of these works out.

Now on for news that really got me excited a RED STATE TRAILER was released today. Holy shit does it look good. I couldn’t get the trailer to play on The Official Red State Site but I was able to get the teaser to play it could just be that a lot of people are one the site (since I’m writing this on the day that Kevin dropped the trailer.) On September 1st Lionsgate is putting Red State on VOD. So I’ll be watching it then on my 360. It will be on DVD on Oct. 19th.

Also coming to DVD in November is Too Fat For 40 and Smodimations season 1.

Too Fat is a Q&A that was recorded for his 40th birthday. In the one that I saw on Netflix it was only one question which I thought was pretty funny, cause as anyone who fallows Kevin knows he is a chatty man. But apparently he did more Q&A after that which will be on the disc as well.

Smodimations is great if you missed season 1 check out season 2. It’s an animated version of bits of the podcast, and they are very funny.

The Tell ’em Steve Dave boys also teamed up with Microsoft and the Zune network for a show called Tell ’em Steve Dave Overkill. If you love TESD check it out! It’s great.


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