I picked up two audio books today, Tina Feys Bossypants and Simon Peggs Nerd-do-well.

The only time I get audio books is if it an autobiography read by the author, or a book written and read by a comedian. I like it because it’s like one of their bits or listening to a really good interview.

I listened to Tinas book right away and although there was a handful of things meant for females, I really enjoyed it.

I’ve always been a fan of Tina Feys. I thought she was great on Weekend Update and 30 Rock. I also love Mean Girls. But I really got interested in her when I heard Donald Glover talk about her on The Nerdist Podcast. He told a story about how during the first season of 30 Rock she’d spend be in the writing room with the other writers working on the show, leave to give her daughter a bath, read to her and put her to bed, and then come back to the writing room and stay there with the other writers till the next morning. The amount of hours she put in at the show but still had time for her family is extremely impressive.

I got the book because the back stage going ons of SNL is really interesting to me. The fact that every week they have to come up with a completely new show only to start all over again.

Tina Feys book is full of laughs and very enjoyable. The tiny insights to SNL and 30 Rock are great. Hearing her family stories of christmas and her horrible honeymoon were a couple of my favorite parts. If you are a fan of hers I would definitely check it out.


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