Top 10 tv shows pt 1

So the other week on Pop Sickles Derick, Gates and Brendoman ranked their top 10 tv shows. I thought long and hard about the topic and came up with my top ten. My criteria for the list is the acting, writing, characters and  how re-watchable the shows are.  I started with 20 shows and started cutting it down.  This is going to have spoilers in it so be warned. So lets get this party started.

10.)   Scrubs

I love scrubs it was one of the first shows that I started watching at the very beginning and followed it to the end.  It has a ton of great episodes but the very best episode is episode 1.4 it’s titled “My Old Lady”. In it JD tries to convince a lady who is ready to die that she still has something to live for, but in the end she teaches him to cherish each and every minute. Watching Doctor Cox deal with the loss of his favorite patient or Ben and the downward spiral that comes with it, it feels so real.  The last 3 seasons are lacking but JDs farewell is very touching and is a nice look back. Season 7 was during the writers strike so they get some leeway there but bringing the characters back as teachers for season 9 was just to much.

9.)   Daria

I use to watch in the summers as a kid. Daria was great I recently got the series on DVD and besides them taking out and switching the music around it really holds up. I think my favorite episode of Daria is the one were Daria and Jane create a poster for a school project that the school changes with out their permission. It’s a really fun show about dealing with being an outsider in high school.

8.)   Firefly

Firefly is one of those shows were after you watch it you wonder why it was ever cancelled. A great show by the amazing Joss Whedon. Nathen Fillion is amazing as Mal Reynolds the captain of the ship. If you haven’t seen this show I can not stress watching it enough. Every character in this show is great, I really love Adam Baldwin as Jayne and of course the super cute Jewel Staite as Kaylee. “Ariel” is an amazing episode and it shows the heart that this crew of renegades really has.

7.)  Supernatural

Good music, hot car, and creepy stories whats not to love? Sam and Dean driving cross country fighting demons and urban legends is the best part of this show. The arcs are not as good as the monster a week episodes which luckily they are getting back too.  Now I was skeptical when they brought angels in to the mix but the way they did it actually worked. The good brother vs evil brother bit got really annoying. “Everybody Love a Clown” and “Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things” episodes are really good.

6.)  Six Feet Under

A interesting look at the funeral business. This show is one of the most realistic look at a family I have ever seen, and to prove this point at one point or another every character except David (Michael C. Hall) annoys the shit out of you with their whining and complaining. But I do like that the show follows each of the family members and not just one. The beginning of each episode starts with someones death and the deaths are usually pretty entertaining. Michael C. Hall is amazing in this show.  My favorite episode is the series finale, which is also my favorite series finale ever. It follows every character to their death and seals up the whole show with a nice little bow.

So there is 10-6 be sure to come back next week for my top 5 favorite shows.


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