You better believe I fear god.

I know I said that part 2 of my top ten tv shows would be my next post but I forgot that Red State hit VOD today. I’ll try to keep it fairly spoiler free. I’m watching it for the 3rd time as I write this. You can get all the information on where to watch it here.

Red State is about 3 kids going in to the woods to get laid by someone they met online, who are then kidnaped by a small religious group.

One thing that really stood out to me was the cast. Everyone is insanely believable and no one feels like they were just dropped in.

Michael Parks plays Abin Cooper the pastor of the church and he is amazing. During the sermon he honestly creeps me out. It is such an amazing performance, if he doesn’t at least get an Oscar nomination something is wrong. I am not over exaggerating or kidding when I say that there isn’t a bad performance in the film.

It is shot beautifully. Kevin really knows how to make you feel like you are in this movie. The sermon has a true church feel to it. You really feel like your people watching in the back of the church.

There isn’t any real music in the film. With the exception of a car ride every song is sung by Michael Parks, and he has such an amazing voice. It’s haunting and relaxing at the same time. In fact since all of the songs are religious I’m thinking about picking up the sound track for my grandma.

In the end Red State is a fast paced film that is full of twist and turns that everyone should see. The best way to describe it is a thriller but really it’s just a genre stew. It really is my favorite movie of the year. Again if you wanna watch it you can go here for all the information.

In slightly related news congratulations to Kevin and the guys from Tell ’em Steve Dave! AMC greenlit their reality show based out of Jay and Silent Bobs Secret Stash. Check out the promo art below, with zombie paintings of the TESD crew by the wonder bros.



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