Top 10 Tv shows pt 2

A quick reminder 10-6 were in order Scrubs, Daria, Firefly, Supernatural, and Six Feet Under. The following 5 took a lot of thought in how I should place them, but I think I finally got it. I also wanted to watch the latest seasons so I could be as up to date as possible.

5.) Grey Anatomy

Greys Anatomy. Now at first I wasn’t a big fan of the show and I’m still not a big fan of the lead character Meredith, but the side characters are amazing. I just finished season seven and it is honestly one of the best seasons I’ve ever seen. In season seven the team at Seattle Grace is dealing with the shooting that took place at the end of season six. This is a really great show, once you get past the Mcdreamy faze. I can’t pick a favorite episode because a single one hasn’t stuck with me but I can not say enough good things about season 7 as a whole.

4.) Doctor Who (the new series)

As much as I love this show. The first season was extremely hard to get through and it does have some ok episodes. But once you get past season one and get to the David Tennant years it gets much better. David Tennant and Matt Smith are great Doctors. The show has some amazingly creepy and touching moments. I went in to the show much deeper in a previous post. My favorite episodes are Blink, Flesh and Stone, and The End of Time(Tennants last episode)

3.) Dexter

Who doesn’t love a serial killer you can cheer for. Michael C. Hall is amazing as Dexter and Jennifer Carpenter is great as Deb. Its a really great brother and sister team up. The writing and character development is some of the best. I also really like the fact that they have an end for the show. They just aren’t going to keep going until the viewers get bored of it. Season 1 started out really strong with the Ice Truck killer and also followed the books pretty close but after that they both went their own way. The show also has been able to pull some pretty big names including John Lithgow, Juilia Stiles, Peter Weller, and Colin Hanks in this upcoming season. It’s great to see Daddy Dexter too now that Rita is gone. Again this is a hard one to pick just one episode because the episodes aren’t singular. But the episode where Dexter head butts Doakes (That Night, a Forest Grew), and the episode where Dexter proves he’s a dad (Teenage Wasteland) are probably two of the best.

2.) Sons of Anarchy

I love this show. It’s more about family than anything else. The acting is great, Ron Perlmen is just bad ass. The writing is great it’s very Shakespearean. It starts out strong and stays that way, which is a nice change of pace. So far each season arc has been well done. In season 1 they really get in to Jaxs character, in season 2 it’s more of Clays story, and season 3 really gets in to Chibs, who is a great B list character. Piney is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters. I hope that they do a back story on the original 9. Once again I went much deeper in to this show in a previous post. My favorite episode has to be the Knife or Fire episode, as hard as it is to watch it’s a pretty great episode.

1.) Buffy/Angel

The only tie on my list and it’s because I consider them the same show. I take place in the same universe and they are, in my opinion, equally good. I can never decide which one I like better. This is Joss Whedon at his finest. The writing is brilliant, the actors are amazing. Even the season of Buffy that take place in comic books are really good. Buffy went on for 7 years and Angel was on for 5. Between the 2 of the shows the was probably a dozen ok to bad episodes, but even the worst episode of Buffy or Angel is better then half the stuff on tv now. I almost didn’t watch this show because an ex of mine made me watch every episode of Charmed and I thought it was going to be the same shitty show, but i was extremely wrong. The dark willow arc was probably my favorite of the arcs, and a tie for least favorite was Dawn being the Key and the arc after Angel took over Wolfram and Hart, it was weird seeing Angel Investigations in a law firm. And in Buffy I wish that they would have done more with Adam. They really didn’t use him for much. My favorite characters tho are definitely Anya, Xander (both Buffy) and Lorne (from Angel). As for episodes Hush(silent episode) and Once more with Feeling(musical episode) are both amazing, and I personally loved The Body(episode where buffys mom dies). As far as Angel Smile Time is amazing (puppet episode), and even tho it ends with a huge cliff hanger the last episode is great. Lorne has such an amazing speech in it. Really you can’t go wrong when Lorne is in the scene. These two shows have a lot of heart and are both very emotional at times. But in my opinion you can’t do better then Buffy and Angel.

Honorable Mentions

I watch a lot of TV shows on DVD or Netflix instant so breaking this down to 10 shows was really hard to do. So here is a short list of what got kicked off and why.

Glee ~ Season 1 was great and fun. Season 2 felt over done and preachy.

Boston Legal ~ Its a good show and fun to watch but it doesn’t have much meat. It’s just a funny show about court cases.

Rescue Me ~ I love Denis Leary and this show but it’s hard to re-watch. It is a good show with great writing tho.

Burn Notice ~ It’s a good show and probably my number 11. I just had to cut something.

Community ~ Is a great show just again not enough room.

The Walking Dead ~ Its to new, with only one season it can go either way.

Weeds ~ The last few seasons have been really hard to watch. Ever since she left Agrestic it’s been downhill for her and the show. Seasons 1-3 are amazing tho.

Chuck ~ It’s a fun geeky spy show but ultimately at times you don’t really care about the characters.

30 Rock ~ Tracy Morgan is hit or miss with me so I have to be in a certain mood to watch it, but I do love Alec Baldwin and of course Tina Fey.

And then the first cuts were

It’s always Sunny in Philly, The Office, House, My Name is Earl and Nurse Jackie.

All of these shows are good shows and you should check them out but I could only do 10 as much as I wanted to double it.


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