Christmas Episodes

Every tv show from Spongbob to The X-files at some time does a Christmas themed episode. Personally I prefer Christmas tv episodes and specials more than Christmas movie. Here are some of my favorite episodes.

We’ll start with a really messed up one but after this this will get more jolly.

Tales From The Crypt
1.2 All through the house
A women kills her husband while an escaped mental patient dressed as Santa breaks in to her house. It’s one of the first Tales from the Crypt episodes I remember watching. So it’s always held a special creepy space in my heart.

2.11 Abeds Uncontrollable Christmas
Community has only been on for 3 seasons but have a Christmas episode for each season. My favorite of these is in the second season Abed goes crazy and thinks everyone is in a claymation Christmas special and they gang try’s to snap him out of it. It’s a lot of fun and possibly my favorite Christmas themed episode.

1.11 My Own Personal Jesus
I’m a huge Scrubs fan, I even enjoyed the last 2 seasons, to an extent. This episode is great JD compares Jesus to a Monopoly player token he keeps in his pocket and Elliot saves a girl in labor. I wish they did more Christmas episodes later on when they started to use Nurse Laverne more.

I just finished Glees Christmas episode from season 3, and it was great. Artie directs a Christmas special for a local channel which obviously stars the New Directions. The acting was great. You really believed they were high school students acting on tv for the first time. Rachel and Kurt were over acting, everyone (especially Finn) looked right in to the camera, and Puck tripped. It was a fun episode.

When through with these be sure to check out It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphias Christmas Special and any christmas episode of The Office.


One Response to “Christmas Episodes”

  1. I love Christmas specials! It’s nice to see the characters doing Christmas stuff, in a funny (if it’s a comedy show), scary or sci fi etc. way.

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