Does Tough Guys hold up?

Tough Guys came out in 1986, it stars Burt Lancaster(Harry), Kirk Douglas(Archie), and Dana Carvey (Richie their parole officer). It’s about 2 gangsters who get out of prison after 30 years for robbing a train. Not only do they have to deal with how the world has changed in 30 years and being forced to retire but as soon as they get out of the prison gates a guy tries to kill them.

It was nice to see that my favorite parts of the film still held up stopping the bank robbery and fighting the gang in the ally. One thing that forces me out is the same thing that brought me out as a kid. When Archie goes to that weird ass store before his date. It seems like every movie from the 80s and 90s when somebody goes to LA or travels forward in time they pick the weirdest most fucked up store they can think of. Things start to sink when when Harry is forced into a nursing home, Archie has to work at a crappy ice cream place, and their old bar is now a gay bar. They fake a heart attack to steal an armored truck only to find out it’s basically empty, they get away with a roll of quarters. After this they decide to get the gang back together, only to find out that most of them are dead or unable to do anything without a nurse.  So they decided to rob the same train that ended up putting them in jail the first time, since it’s going on its final run before the train is retired.

I still love this movie, it reminds me of my grandmother and it’s a good watch. Ultimately I don’t know why this isn’t out on DVD yet. It’s a fun movie from the 80s and holds up.


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