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1313 Mockingbird Lane

Posted in TV with tags on November 4, 2012 by random nerdling

A week or two ago NBC aired their pilot for Mockingbird Lane as a tv movie/special. Originally I wrote it off as a horrible idea, why remake a show like the The Munsters? It seems like it’s an idea that would only work on the campy level of the original from the 60’s.

I’m not sure why or how but after I originally wrote off the show it popped back up on my radar, but after a little while I started to get interested in the show. Eddie Izzard (Dressed to Kill, The Riches) as Grandpa Munster, Jerry O’Connell (Joe’s Apartment, Sliders) as Herman Munster, Portia de Rossi (Arrested Development) directed by Bryan Singer (dir. X-men, House, THE USUAL SUSPECTS) and written by Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies).

Really the two that made me want to try this show were of course Eddie Izzard and Bryan Fuller. Izzard is in my top 3 comics and I really enjoyed The Riches. Fuller wrote one of my favorite shows Pushing Daisies.I was still hesitant going in to the show , the Munsters that we know and loved are campy.

But by the end of the episode I’m hooked. I love this show, there are things that can be fixed, but what pilot episode has been perfect? It is a fun and witty show that keeps some of the campiness of the original but doesn’t over do it. It’s a fresh take on the characters that works well.

You can watch the pilot on Hulu for free or just click here. I’ll be genuinely disappointed if NBC doesn’t pick this up, they’re still moving around the premier date for Community’s 4th season.