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A Few quick things

Posted in Tag up with tags , on April 24, 2011 by random nerdling

I wanted to post this while it was fresh. Here IGN ranked The Doctors. It’s very interesting and fun! Plus I completely agree with who is number one.

Also I wanted to link to The Wayne Foundations new site. Remember how I talked about this in the Podcast post. It’s episode 2 of Sminterview and it a must hear for everyone!

Don’t forget that S.I.R starts in 15 days!!!!


Podcast Touch up

Posted in Podcast, Tag up with tags on April 11, 2011 by random nerdling

Ok like I sad in the Doctor Who touch up when I write a large blog I feel like I don’t do a good job on the last one or two topics. So Let me start by saying something really important, most of the podcasts on this list are recorded live. Plus one and I think SMinterview are the only ones that are not recorded live. Nerdist and SModcast are not always live but every now and then SModcast will go on a tour and the guys from Nerdist do a live show.  Tell ’em Steve Dave and Puck Nuts are recorded in Jay and Silent Bobs Secret Stash in Red Bank New Jersey. So you can swing by the store and watch them record.

A few things I forgot about Pop Sickles is a fan question that has been haunting them.  Is Nala a Disney princess? Since the question has been brought up there has only been one episode were no one wrote in with an answer. Hahaha.  Also as I said they do record live on Fridays, more people need to see this podcast! I really enjoy it and want it to go on. So if anyone is in the area please go see this show.  Derick and Brendo are really great and I hope this really takes off.

Quick touch up on Doctor Who.

Posted in Tag up, TV with tags , on April 8, 2011 by random nerdling

Quick little thing before I start on this weeks post. Last week I got tired and rushed the post towards the end. Doctor Whos companions are very important they are great (except for Donna Noble) and even save The Doctor every now and than but kick ass in most episodes. They are not just there to be saved by The Doctor.