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I picked up two audio books today, Tina Feys Bossypants and Simon Peggs Nerd-do-well.

The only time I get audio books is if it an autobiography read by the author, or a book written and read by a comedian. I like it because it’s like one of their bits or listening to a really good interview.

I listened to Tinas book right away and although there was a handful of things meant for females, I really enjoyed it.

I’ve always been a fan of Tina Feys. I thought she was great on Weekend Update and 30 Rock. I also love Mean Girls. But I really got interested in her when I heard Donald Glover talk about her on The Nerdist Podcast. He told a story about how during the first season of 30 Rock she’d spend be in the writing room with the other writers working on the show, leave to give her daughter a bath, read to her and put her to bed, and then come back to the writing room and stay there with the other writers till the next morning. The amount of hours she put in at the show but still had time for her family is extremely impressive.

I got the book because the back stage going ons of SNL is really interesting to me. The fact that every week they have to come up with a completely new show only to start all over again.

Tina Feys book is full of laughs and very enjoyable. The tiny insights to SNL and 30 Rock are great. Hearing her family stories of christmas and her horrible honeymoon were a couple of my favorite parts. If you are a fan of hers I would definitely check it out.


Kevin Smith Update

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Kevin is a busy guy he has 2 tv shows in the works and has hinted at bring the clerks cartoon back. The one show is a Pawn Stars type show held in his comic book store, and the other one is a daily talk show type show. From the sounds of it all of your favorite SIR stars will show up at one time or another. Everything is still a pilot so lets hope at least one of these works out.

Now on for news that really got me excited a RED STATE TRAILER was released today. Holy shit does it look good. I couldn’t get the trailer to play on The Official Red State Site but I was able to get the teaser to play it could just be that a lot of people are one the site (since I’m writing this on the day that Kevin dropped the trailer.) On September 1st Lionsgate is putting Red State on VOD. So I’ll be watching it then on my 360. It will be on DVD on Oct. 19th.

Also coming to DVD in November is Too Fat For 40 and Smodimations season 1.

Too Fat is a Q&A that was recorded for his 40th birthday. In the one that I saw on Netflix it was only one question which I thought was pretty funny, cause as anyone who fallows Kevin knows he is a chatty man. But apparently he did more Q&A after that which will be on the disc as well.

Smodimations is great if you missed season 1 check out season 2. It’s an animated version of bits of the podcast, and they are very funny.

The Tell ’em Steve Dave boys also teamed up with Microsoft and the Zune network for a show called Tell ’em Steve Dave Overkill. If you love TESD check it out! It’s great.

The First Avenger

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So last week I saw Captain America was I was very impressed with it. Chris Evens was great as Steve Rogers(Captain America), and Hugo Weaving was amazing as Red Skull, but my favorite character was Dum Dum Dugan played by┬áNeal McDonough. I don’t think that they called him by name in the movie but he is one of the solders in Steves crew. He is the one that had the mustache and bowler hat. It really got me excited for a possibility of a Howling Commandos movie. I doubt it will happen but still. This is an all around enjoyable movie that people should see. And if you are excited for The Avengers (who isn’t) stick around for a teaser after the movie.

What I’m listening to

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Since I can’t listen to the podcast while we are open, I’ve been re-building my music library. Besides just re-buying cds that I lost, ruined or just got a new album from an old band (Flogging Mollys new album is really good) I’ve picked up a couple other bands.

First up is Nathen Maxwell and The Original Bunny Gang. I picked up White Rabbit from 2009. As many know Nathen Maxwell is Flogging Mollys bassist. While it wasn’t what I expected, I was expecting them to sound more like Flogging Molly, I really enjoy their reggae feel. The song Working For the Man is extremely catchy. Their songs have such a nice and easy going feel to them.

Another real easy going “band” is Jason Schwartzmans Coconut Records. It’s basically him teaming up with other musicians. It’s well written music and wonderfully done. I really like the theme song to Bored to Death and Minding My Own Business.

I can’t listen to many of their songs at work but I also really like Garfunkel and Oates. With so many songs to choose from I’d have say my favorite two are This Party Just Took a Turn for the Douche and One Night Stand. They have a lot of great songs, even tho they have made a couple music videos my favorites are still the couch videos. I really like just the two of them sitting on a couch singing. Some of you might recognize Kate as Gooch from Scrubs.

The next two bands I first heard at the end of Tell ’em Steve Dave.

Les Vinyl is a great garage band out of New York that is super catchy. At band camp you can get The Nafia Mail EP for free which has two of my favorite songs by them F for Effort and Sink. You can even listen to them before you download it. They have an album on Itunes titled Bright Gray which has Gemini.

And then last but not least is Courage My Love. Two sisters and a friend who just enjoy music. It’s amazing that they are only 17. This year they played warped tour and if you listen to Bridges you can see why. They recorded a great version of I Sell Comics (written by Walt Flanagan) and are going to record a video for Barricade.

If you like these bands be sure to help support them by buying the stuff either on bandcamp or Itunes.

The Amazing Spiderman trailer

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Great thing come out of Comicon all the time but my favorite I always the movie news and trailers. I’m sure when I actually make it down to SD it will change but for now that’s my favorite part.

Anyways the trailer for The Amazing Spiderman dropped and it looks awesome! It does bring something up that I don’t think I ever thought about which is, what happened to Peters parents?

The beautiful Emma Stone is in it as Gwen Stacy and Denis Leary plays her father Captain Stacy. It also brings back the mechanical web shooters instead of the organic ones. The only part of the suit I don’t care for is the hands and feet. They just look weird.

The Dark Knight Rises

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Check this out I’ve watched it 5 times already! I might go see the new Potter movie just to see this on a big screen. The Dark Knight Rises Teaser

It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights

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Am I the only one that’s excited for the new Muppet movie? It has all the great muppets and Jason Segel! They already have put out some great teasers and then this trailer

I use to watch The Muppets as a kid. I’d watch the original show, the muppet babies, the rebirth of the muppet show in the 90’s and I’ve seen every movie. I also bought a 20 dollar Iphone case at Walmart just because it had Beaker on it. The show had so many great characters like Gonzo, Kermit, The Swedish Chef, Fuzzy Bear, Beaker, Dr. Honeydew and of course my favorite Statler and Waldorf.

Jason Segel is such a great pick for the lead human role. He is great in everything I’ve seen him in, even in crappy movies like Gulliver’s Travels. Which I feel like if this movie was made a few years ago Jack Black would have gotten the lead. Don’t get me wrong Kung Fu Panda was great and in High Fidelity he stole the every scene he was in. But it seems like since School of Rock he has been in a lot of teen/tween flicks. Which isn’t bad, if he found his audience more power to him, I’m just not it anymore.

Amy Adams as the female role I’m not to sure about. I haven’t seen Enchanted or the second Night at the Museum so I don’t know about her more fun roles. But she is great in The Fighter, Doubt and Sunshine Cleaning. She also looks good next to Jason Segel.

Its movies like this that really make me happy that I’m an uncle. See this way I’m not the creepy guy sitting alone in a theater watching a kids movie.