So Felicia Day and the guys over at Geek and Sundry have posted a video containing their Geekalutions.

After watching it I decided to come up with a bit of my own. I figured they’d be easier to do than my normal eat better/go to gym. So mine are as follows.

1.) Write more! If you are a “follower” of my blog you’ll notice how little I’ve been updating lately. I’m thinking of starting a different blog that will be more of a personal type than a media type.

2.) Play a D&D style game.  I’ve wanted to play D&D for awhile now. Now that I have a steady game group I’m hoping that we can at least get one campaign going.

3.) A 24 hour gaming event. This just came in to play the other day when Tom and the guys at the dice tower announced that they are doing one. My buddy Aaron and i just started talking about it. Hopefully in the summer.

4.) Watch Battlestar Galactica and 2 other shows on my list.  I have a huge list of TV shows I want need to watch. Battlestar Galactica, The Wire, The X-Files, Smallvile, Deadwood, Boardwalk Empire, Bored to Death, Nip/Tuck and Californication are all on my list.
Plus I have to finish Torchwood, Chuck, Burn Notice, Rescue Me, Private Practice, Greys Anatomy, House, Dexter, and The West Wing.

5.) Read more. I have a ton of comics that I haven’t even touched. Y: The Last Man, The Question, Transmetropolitian, Starman, Sandman, The Flash, Teen Titans, just to name a few.

6.) And finally I need to FINISH A VIDEO GAME. I am the worst at finishing video games. The only games I have finished in the past 5 years or so I’ve only finished Injustice and the Arkham video games.

So what are your Geekalutions?


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